Which is Better CLA or Liquid Carnitine 3000?

Michael Jones~May 30, 2018 /Uncategorized

Which is Better CLA or Liquid Carnitine 3000?

The truth is we should always try to combine the two products together as they will work synergistically together so your body can become a fat burning furnace ! CLA i has been proven to support healthy, steady fat loss. by assisting in reducing  body fat and increasing muscle mass. The positive effects of CLA in reducing fat may be minimal but, in combination with Carnitine we have seen significant results, making a match made in weight loss heaven. L-carnitine boosts energy while also burning fat. On the other hand, CLA helps break down fat cells while improving muscle mass.

For maximum benefits of L carnitine and CLA, you have to take the right dose. As you know, . Ideally, you have to take 3000 to 5000 grams of L carnitine and 1000 to 2000 milligrams of CLA  before working out for best results.

Whether you are looking to stay lean or you’d like to gain more of that sweet muscle mass, thee combination of these two supplements will be beneficial to you. Of course, be sure to take the recommended dosage because going overboard on supplements have dire consequences. We suggest starting with the lowest possible dose then gradually work your way to the recommended dose. This will give your body more time to tolerate the effects of Liquid Carnitine 3000 and CLA.

One controlled study found that test subject who took  l carnitine and cla together led to a overall fat reduction of 0.7 and 1.3% compared to a placebo group .Thee conclusion of the study was that taking these fat-burning nutrients together appear to enhance the effects of exercising.

I would also like to mention you actually have to exercise and stop eating garbage ! Clean out your fridge and pantry from processed foods loaded with sugar. Stop eating cereal and yogurt for breakfast thinking these are healthy foods , just because they are fortified with vitamins . That’s all a marketing gimmick , the truth is these so called “foods” are sugar laden , diabetes inducing foods. Try to stick to whole foods for breakfast like eggs or even a healthy avocado. If you can start to making some dietary changes, and also start trying to hit the gym at least once or twice a week. Then with the help of these supplements mentioned in the article , you can really see a jump start to your metabolism !



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