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Michael Jones~May 28, 2018 /Uncategorized

Maintaining a house in Greenville, SC can be a challenging, but fun thing to do. There is always room for improvement. What makes it more fun is that we have the best lawn care service provider in town – the Grass Barber!

The Grass Barber is a full service licensed and insured Company in lawn care Greenville SC. After getting a job transfer I soon found myself Moving to Greenville, SC, which was not easy, doing my own landscaping was much more glamorizing then it turned out to be , After a few months  I needed help to restore my basically lifeless lawn into my liking.

My lawn had thatch problems. Lawn thatch is the layer mainly of dead turf grass tissue lying between the green vegetation of the grass above and the root system and soil below. When lawn thatch becomes too thick, it can be bad for your lawn grass. Therefore, it must be removed to keep your lawn’s health in tip-top shape.

Upon doing research, I found out that the answer to this predicament is lawn aeration. It breaks up compacted soil, which is common after the cold season. Lawn aeration can be explained simply as poking holes here and there. The extent of lawn aeration needed to be done from lawn to lawn can vary – and only professionals can say which kind is required for your lawns’ needs. Clueless as to how I am going to do this, the next thing I did was to look for people who can do it for me. That’s how I came across the Grass Barber! A Super Service awardee by Angie’s List, I decided to call them because they offered free estimates.


After a regular sessions of aeration, my lawn was well on its way to greenery. However, call me a perfectionist, but I felt like my lawn is still empty. I wanted my lawn to have more elements. I got in touch with the Grass Barber again and they came over to see the progress of my lawn and what can be done to add more oomph to it! The Grass Barber’s answer was landscaping! They asked me what I wanted to achieve with my property. I said I want to fill it with plants and some space to entertain guests. They pitched in ideas. After a few weeks, the plan came to life beautifully.

Now, I’m noticing that some of my shrubs are a little out of shape, but I am scared to touch them as I don’t exactly have a green thumb or knowledge of shrub maintenance. It’s a good thing the Grass Barber can also do this. No need to do another research and explain my lawn’s situation to new people because they were the ones who made it in the first place! It is truly efficient, isn’t it?

I love how the Grass Barber was able to do everything with my lawn from start to finish, and even its maintenance. They are truly the one-stop shop for your landscaping greenville sc There is no need to call different people for different services because they are equipped to get every job done. They have truly earned my trust by always delivering quality results. So next time you need anything done in your lawn, make sure you only hire the best for your home – call the Grass Barber!

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